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Register for Fall Classes   
We are getting excited about the new year and working with your children again.  If you have not already done so, please reigister for classes before Wed., Aug 17th, so we can get our schedule finalized.  

If you have been part of our studio within the past year, you should already have a Showcase USA account.  Click on the following link to login to that account or email to get access to that account.   Existing Account Login 

If you are new family, click on the following link to set up an account to register for Showcase USA classes or to be added to the waiting list.    New Family Registration

Once in your Showcase USA account,  select the "Enroll" tab.  On the "Session" drop down list, select "2016 Fall" and then choose the classes for which you'd like to register.  When registering, please add any conflicts, concerns, or information you want us to know about your child in the comments section of each class registration.  Once you have registered, you will recieve an email confirming your class registration.  

Fall Classes will begin the week of September 12th. 
Rented Costume/Costume Pieces Need to Be Returned
Jr. Vocal Elite, Premiere, Prestige and Xtreme have costumes or costume pieces that were rented to you last year.  If you have not already returned them, please bring them to the studio when classes begin so we don't have to charge you full price for them.  Please bring them labeled with your name so we can get you checked off the list.
  Jr. Vocal Elite - Witch costumes (What is the Feeling)
  Premiere - Red and White cheer costumes and bow (I Got You)
  Prestige - Little black and silver top hats (Almost like being in Love)
  Xtreme - Little silver and red bow hats (Forget about the Boy)

We will try to keep this website up-to-date and current.  In addition, we will send emails at regular times to provide information as needed.  Also, a studio secretary is available during class times and rehearsals to answer questions.  Contact the secretary on the studio phone:  801-763-2623 (801-76-DANCE).


Dates to Remember
Date          Day       Event
 Aug 17WFall Registration Deadline
 Sept 12MFall Classes Begin